Sunday, 13 June 2010

Good Luck, Bangers, ONSIND, Ssssnakes & Dividers @ Sigma, Swansea

Wednesday 4th August 2010 @ 7:45

Good Luck
Intricate Punk Rock from Bloomington, Indiana. Sooo good!

hamishrooandrew If you don't them already, you've probably been under a rock for 18 months, or living in Cardiff.

Durham's finest acoustic Punk Rock. All political and that. UP THE PUNX!

Swansea's favourite joke band got really good and wrote loads of new songs. The Ergs meet Dead Milkmen.

Get Bent, Potboiler and Lawrence Arms all making a big mess over someone from Lattermans chest.

£4 on the door, CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP

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