Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Usual!

Our usual neglect of the blog, ha, were useless. No that's a lie, were all super busy with work, bands, drinking, so how can you blame us for a little neglect! So things that have been going on, last friday we had thos fine chaps The Computers from exeter come play for us. Support was from Men and Ringolevio. The show was @ Mozarts, great turn out, great night.
The Computers was great as usual, possibly louder than anything i've ever heard in that small bar!
Men drove a whole long way for this, super tight, super good, you should check them out! Swansea's very own Ringolevio opened the show, a lot of people wrote them off, but i think they were proved wrong on this night, new songs were awesome, can't wait to hear their new cd!
The lovely lady that is Carly Davies slapped up another treat of a poster for us, have a look on our myspace!


Saturday 11th September 2010 @ Mozarts, Swansea

Exeter's best dancers! OWTH meets Kid Dynamite meets Superchunk. Fucking mint demo available for download!
The 255s
Manchester's best dressed return with shinier shoes, and even shinier guitars. Mmmmmm.

First Swansea show in ages for Stubby and co. Leatherface style punk rock from down the road. Christmas Number One still pending...

Poster by the lovely Carly Davies from Swansea. Give her a shout if you need any flyers or stuff doing!

This is at the Mozarts, which is a 15/20 minute walk from the station and is in the Uplands. The address for iPhone nerds or Sat Nav people is 76A Walter Road, SA1 4QA.


Other show's we have coming up that im sure we'll blog about 3 months after the show has happened are:
Sunday 17th October - The Max Levine Ensemble & ONSIND @ Mozarts
Saturday 13th November - The Menzingers, Above Them, The Groundnuts & Leagues Apart @ Sigma
Wednesday 12th January - Lemuria, Make Do and Mend & The Arteries @ Sigma

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hopefully see you there!

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