Thursday, 15 April 2010

Time For an Update!!

Well hello,

sorry for the lack of updates of late, we've all been really busy, and I have managed to neglect our blog. Since the last time we updated the amazing Chuck Ragan has been and rocked the boat for us!! Definitely one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! Also thanks go to The Arteries, Bangers, and Livers and Lungs for bringing the rock!!!!

Next we had the wonderful PJ Bond from New Jersey play for us, good to see him again, if you ain't got his record yet, wise up and get it!

Support came from the lovely Adam(Peachfuzz)/IOLO, and Swansea's newest punk rock foursome Dividers playing their first acoustic set! Cheers to everyone who came down, it was another fun show, and thanks to everyone at Mozart's for helping to make this happen!!

We had a bit of a nightmare with the next show as the venue had to pull out at the last minute, but luckily the boys @ SIGMA let us open up the doors to their fine establishment to let the ONSIND, IMPERIAL CAN, FASHNU, AND THE SYMPTOMS in. For me the Symptoms were the band of the night, Fashnu were cool, IMPERIAL CAN were a massive let down for me, but people seemed to be into it! ONSIND were as good as ever, can't find a fault with them!

We then had a last minute offer to put NINJA GUN on. Ninja Gun played a great set, and although it wasn't the busiest being a last minute show, both the bands and crowd seemed to have a good time! For this show locals TheKidisfireworks were supporting, playing a super tight set!

Last, but not least, definitely one of the best shows this year. The radtastic Failure's Union, last time I saw these guys was at the pre-fest show in Tampa, but this time was definitely the best I've seen them, playing all their classic tunes, ha! Bedford Fall's, the 255's and the Boneless One's made up the support, with the Boneless Ones showing that old guys can still bring the rock.

The next show we have booked is Wednesday 4th August - Good Luck (US), The Arteries, Bangers & some tbc. @ Sigma. We're in the process of booking a show in June and one in July, but we'll keep you all in the loop once we get it all sorted...

Catch you soon!

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