Thursday, 9 July 2009

Above Them & Bangers @ Sigma - Trev's Birthday

OK, so first of all. We're rubbish at updating the Blog, Myspace is just easier and Rhys has somehow made this the colour of vomit. So double apologies there! This is the next show we've got coming up...

Above Them
Yorkshires finest export, split 7" out now, album due September

Cornwall Pop Punk, ex Hit The Beach. Split LP w/ Break the Habit out now!

Gruff punk rock, like a more intricate Leatherface.

Little Triggers
Swansea Ska, for fans of Capdown.

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It's also my birthday show of sorts too, so it'd be nice to see some friendly faces!

Doors are at 8pm and we should be done by 11:30. Last trains to Cardiff are bollocks on a weekend, so if you want to stay over, get in touch or organise a lift.

Flyer by Craig Horky from Lansing, Michigan, he's a good guy.

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