Wednesday, 20 January 2010


We are rather pleased to announce this!


Saturday 20th March 2010 @ Sigma, Swansea

Chuck Ragan
Ex Hot Water Music guitarist, who has released so many good records on so many good labels, I could name drop all day!

The Arteries
Swansea's finest! Recording a new album this summer, it's going to be insane!

Cornish Pop Punk with slickest hooks and best looks around. Staunch advocates of the Krispy Kreme Brand.

Jon Shoe / Cut Ups / Annalise!
Jon from Exeter who has been in more good bands than you can shake a sticky stick at! As seen with Joe Lally, when he came to his town!

Jamie Arteries is sorting the poster, he just made a nice blog with some of his work on, go check it out...

This is at the new Sigma, which is just off the Kingsway, opposite Oceana (It's a 5 - 10 minute walk from the station max). The address for iPhone nerds or Sat Nav people is 1 Northampton Lane, SA1 4EH.

Tickets will be £8 and it'll be £10 on the door! PLEASE don't ask if there are anymore support slots, we only confirmed the show less than 12 hours ago and already so many people have asked. Show is full! Tickets will be available from an online vendor as well as through the SWFU Webstore and via Paypal. We'll get it sorted this week, hold tight!

More shows (Failures' Union, Imperial Can, ONSIND, Fashanu and a bunch more!) at

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