Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Git Some @ Coyote Bar with support TBC!

(Denver, Usa / 1234 Go Records)

Coyote Bar, Thursday 27th November 2008

Despite being around for only 4 years, these guys are already well known for being relentless touring machines and playing amazing yet extremely intense shows. This non-stop touring is in the blood for Git Some. Whether it's Kingdom Of Magic, White Dynamite or 2/4 of Planes Mistaken For Stars - each member has been around the block when it comes to putting on an amazing rock show!!

GIT SOME is a band from Denver, Colorado consisting of 4 dudes who grew up on 80's punk rock, Reagan-era America, and shitty weed, discharging cathartic bursts of noise that shatter angst and inhibitions. Cosmic rock, by way of wild abandon, loud-ass guitar, bass and drums, and an explosive singer. It's all the good things about hardcore stripped of the agenda, all the great things about metal and hard rock stripped of the unnecessary machismo.

So yeah, there is the blurb. They are actually fucking great though. We'll be sorting out supports soon, in the meantime, check out the tracks on the MySpace and a sweet tour poster and picture!



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